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November 20, 2013
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HoM - Agatha and Nym by Litriu HoM - Agatha and Nym by Litriu

Name - Agatha Widderschynnes

Nickname(s) - Aggy, Spaz

Gender - Female

Age - 12 Years

Birthday - April 13th

House - Faerie

Rank - Scout

Level - 1

Personality - Tomboyish | Talkative | Resilient | Thick | Lionhearted

Tomboyish - Don't let the glitter and pink fool you, Agatha is strong and just as out there as any of the boys. She climbs cliffs and scrapes her knees, and isn't one to act... Well, at all like a girl. She's all around playful and energetic, and doesn't stop going.

Talkative - Talkative is an understatement... Chatterbox is getting closer to reality. Agatha simply cannot stop talking. 90% Of the time she doesn't even realize that she's speaking at all, but that doesn't stop her from rambling so long that you want to blow your brains out.

Resilient - Aggy doesn't go down easily... Both physically and emotionally. Because of her obnoxious behavior, she tends to get rather unpleasant nicknames such as Spaz or Weirdo, or something else unsavory. She doesn't mind, though. As she tells most people "You can call me whatever ya want. I don't even mind the bad nicknames... It's fun to watch people freak out when I don't get hurt by 'em."

Thick - Agatha doesn't so much ignore reality... She simply doesn't care for it. She's not thick when it comes to the important things... But things most children see as trivial, such as their own mortality, she doesn't quite grasp. She's the definition of "Ignorance is Bliss", and her innocence is sometimes overwhelming.

Lionhearted - Though I phrase this kindly, this is not one of Agatha's good traits. As mentioned above, Agatha doesn't grasp her own mortality and therefore does some pretty stupid stuff. She'll charge in without thinking, and she'll speak with even less thought than normal when it comes to those she cares for.


Likes - Glitter, Bold colors, Tuna-Fish Sandwiches, Chocolate Milk, Dragonflies, Sour Apples

Dislikes - Anger, Seeing others in Pain, Candy, Grapefruit

Backstory - Here I am | I am Yours | Coming Home

Here I am - About twelve years ago, a baby was born to a young woman who was kind and loving, though her husband had died shortly after she found out she was pregnant. This baby was her reason for being... But shortly after her baby's fist birthday, she discovered a lump in her breast. It was an aggressive form that would require extensive chemotherapy... But she had a newborn at home. She couldn't take care of little Agatha any longer, so she had to give her up to an adoption center.

I am Yours - Agatha was two when she was finally adopted by a kind man and woman who couldn't have children. They brought her home, and cherished her like their own. They treated her as well as any child could ask. They nurtured her, and made sure she was brought up with manners, and didn't mind how talkative she was at all... But never once did they mention the little girl's birth mother.

Finding Home - At age eleven, when they thought she was old enough, her parents told her the truth about her past. She wasn't angry, or hurt... She just had trouble taking it in. She asked permission to take a walk, and quickly ran from her home, only grabbing a hoodie that was too large for her, which her mother had bought her... Though, got confused on her size. She found a nice place to hide away, up in the cliffs. Just a nice flat ledge, about forty feet above the ground. By the time she got there, her hands were cut up and her sneakers were scuffed and her hoodie was coated in dust.

Soon, a girl only a couple years older than her found Agatha in the mountains... And was quite shocked. Most didn't climb this high. She told Agatha to follow, saying "We have a good feeling about you!"... And for some reason, Agatha followed. She was brought to a house with chimes and decorative wind charms strewn all over the house. With a soft giggle, the girl skipped off and went to see somebody and they came out with a small pink pennant, a peach-colored dragonfly stitched onto it. She was told what it was, and what it did and she wanted to scream.

She couldn't wait to meet her spirit... So she did so the moment she had the chance.

The little peachy spirit was the most lovely thing she'd ever seen... She was tall with long blonde hair, small glittery fractures all over and dragonfly wings. She had freckles, just like Aggy... But no nose or mouth. But somehow, she spoke. A small giggle escaped the creature, and you could see the smile in her mirrored eyes. "Aren't you gonna name me?!" She teased, hovering in the air and flitting back and forth. Agatha was silent for a long moment... But finally, inspiration hit.

"Do you like the name Nym?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.

"I love the name Nym."


Name - Nym

Gender - Female

Elemental Ability - Sound Manipulation | When held at the correct angle, Nym's wing beats can create a shrill scream that can temporarily disorient. Being that she's still low level, she can't keep this up for long.

Weapon / Fighting Style - Wings | Her wings, despite looking fragile, are extremely dense and reasonably strong. They also have an extremely sharp edge that does not warrant touching. At this point she can scratch you up quite badly, or mow the lawn, but she can't exactly dismember anybody. (And why would she want to?)

Personality - Playful | Mischievous | Sweet | Hot-Tempered

Playful - Nym love to play and compete... She especially loves riddles and is enchanted by Rubik's Cubes.

Mischievous -  If something's missing in the house, there's a good chance Nym is behind it. She loves pranking people.

Sweet - Nym holds the same sweetness as her host (though none of the innocence) and it often shows. She can be incredibly kind and social.

Hot-Tempered - Unlike her host, Nym loses her temper easily. If you insult her or somebody she likes, she'll likely give you a piece of her mind... Which is not pleasant.

Other Information -

Roleplay example -

(Note roleplay from Threefold Kingdoms)

The little doe didn't even notice somebody come in as she read... She'd hardly notice if a war was being waged outside, so long as she had a book to hide in.

Donovan's voice among the silence nearly scared her to death. Thankfully, though, all that came of it was a gasp and not a funeral.
Alice quickly glanced up and returned the smile, pulling her hair out of her face. "The Divine Comedy... I hadn't read it recently and when you brought it up it seemed a fine choice. Though, it wasn't where I last remember it being." She murmured, giving a soft chuckle.

"Welcome to my private realm of myth and legend, mister Merrimack." The little doe said quietly, folding closed the book and placing it beside her where she sat. "I didn't expect you for a while... And I was prepared to wait at least an hour longer than my latest expectations. I tend to run quite early, due to fearing being late." She said, rambling on a bit. This was the most she usually spoke. She only said more than was necessary when explaining things, that usually could be explained with far less effort. Speaking never came easily for Alice, because in a house with four strong-willed men it's hard to be heard over the chorus, but being in the Library surrounded by words seemed to give her abnormal comfort... Not to mention being with somebody she felt comfortable with.

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